What Are Your Website Needs?

Don't Have A Website?
One of the most important marketing pieces you need in todays economy.. keep your business open 24-7!

So your friends have told you that you need a website, but you are not completely convinced. Perhaps you don't. Some businesses don't really have a business model that requires a website. 

Does that mean that the web is not for you? Nope. Every business I have ever had the privilege of consulting can use the web to grow their business or make more profit. The question is how. The answer is The Upgrade Company. We'll help you design an integrated web and traditional campaign that will be suited to YOUR business needs.

For more information, please contact us, and browse around our site. We have some great articles that might get you thinking in the right direction. 

Need Your Site Redesigned?
If its been more then a few years you may need to check over your web presence and it's time for a site remodel.

What is a web site facelift or redesign? What we do is take your present website, use what you have and then create a much better version with the newest scripting, coding, flash animation, graphics and CSS, that will be compatible for most browsers. Usually because you have a website built already, we can do more copying and pasting which saves you money on your redesign, because we have to do less work.

So on average, website redesigns and revamps are quite affordable and look very professional Your website will look more graphically appealing to your clients which of course means more sales or inquiries. Feel free at any time to request a website redesign in our quote section.

Have An Existing Website?
Add options to keep visitors coming back like a new IDX Integration of MLS Search for real estate related websites or other options like calendars, advanced website counter, news letter sign up and more! Feel free at any time to request a website redesign in our quote section.


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