About Our Website Design Process

Example Project Stages To Launch:

Stage 1: Initial Design Draft & Layout Mock Up
Project starts with a face to face meeting or completion of our Website Setup Work Sheet. With input about colors, styles, required pages and the type of project we use graphic design to build a minimum of 5 different website layouts and color schemes for the client to pick from. We then submit these for approval and modify the design until we have something you are completely happy with.

Website Design Process

Stage 2: Creation of Fully Working Website Design DEMO

During the web design stage we take the layout you picked out an we create a fully working demo website with all of the features and working pages. Building & importing the content into your website from your existing website as necessary. Then we thoroughly tested all of the pages along with adding tags for optimal search engine optimization. During this stage of the project we include the major features you want any feature you require.

Stage 3: Launch LIVE Site & SEO

The 3rd stage includes launching the site onto either our NH Web Hosting services or any other hosting service you would like then creating a site map of all the pages in your new website and submitting the site to all of the major search engines to indexing in their results. We submitted your website to Google, Yahoo, Ask, Dmoz, Bing and many others that can build reports for tracking and diagnosis. If your site is a real estate web design with IDX or e commerce website your site could include as many as 50K+ pages. Plus we make the content of the site is available for updating 24-7 by the client via our Content Management Software.

Stage 4: Ongoing Updates & Support

Most NEW sites take 2-3 weeks to get listed into most search engines.
WGC includes Free Tech Support!
Please contact us with any trouble or questions about your site.

Worried about putting together the content of a website like this? WGC helps and creates the content of the site to make the process quicker and painless for the client during the website design process!

Get a FREE consultation for your business and find the solutions that are perfect for your business model!

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