Google AdWords Demographic Targeting

Can you name any realtor, including yourself, who likes wasting money on ineffective online marketing?

That's right, nobody likes to waste money, especially you.

But, do you know what? Almost all realtors are doing it every single day…perhaps even you. And, worst of all, most of these realtors didn't even know they were throwing away their hard-earned money!

But, don't worry; if your online marketing isn't all you'd want it to be, it's not your fault. Online technology simply hasn't allowed realtors to target their prospective clients in any sort of truly strategic or focused way…that is, until now.

Google has just announced a new, pioneering advertising service that will truly make every one of your marketing dollars count! In March 2006, Google released its AdWords demographic targeting service-a new offering that can dramatically improve the way realtors marketing online.

  • Imagine being able to effortlessly find, target, and customize your marketing message to each and every one of your client types.

  • Picture the benefit to your business if you could be assured that your specific message (e.g., an ad) is being seen by the exact demographic you wanted, rather than spammed across sites where potential clients may never visit.

  • Visualize how much time (and money) you will save when you know that you are putting your advertisements on the sites most visited by your prospective clientele.

It's a marketing dream come true-no longer wasting money spreading your message far and wide, but getting it into the hands of people who are actively seeking your services. So what's included in Google's new offering?

Google now offers you the ability to select your demographic preferences from an extensive list of criteria, so that you can deliver your ads to the exact Web sites your potential clients are visiting. So, for example, if you wanted to target your keywords to renters who currently do not own their home, you can. If you want to target only women who are first-time buyers in your region, Google will tell you which sites are the best bet to find your prospects. Or, if you want to tap only homeowners above a certain age, it's all now possible with Google's new innovative service.

Using the deep demographic data it receives from ComScore Networks, Google allows you to create and display ads that highlight your offerings to any type of client you are looking to service (e.g., first-time buyers, second home buyers, investment buyers, and so on). Marketing just got a whole lot easier (and improved) for you!

Because the technology only promises to get better and better with time, you'll never have to worry about wasting your online marketing dollars ever again. You'll be able to create highly-targeted ad campaigns that almost guarantee you will be in front of the very consumers who are actively in need of what you offer.

The days of crossing your fingers and merely hoping your ad reaches somebody who's in the market are over. The days of advertising online to the buyers and sellers in your community who are looking for your help are here to stay. Google's new demographic targeting service with AdWords will have client after new client knocking your front door…or at least showing up in your Inbox!

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