Create a Virtual Tour with EGG Software

1. Plug camera into plug and play device on your computer.

2. Create a folder named the MLSID inside your main virtual tours folder. Example folders “ourvirtualtours/123456”

3. Cut all the images you took off your camera and place them in the folder you created in step 2!

4. Open the EggSolution360 Software!

5. On the left you will see all the folders you have created in a dropdown box; select the MLSID you created in Step 2! The software will now load the images you have placed in this folder.


6. Next you will rename each photo you have taken to the name you would like it labeled as.


7. Next SAVE your virtual tour as a Virtual tour using the Orange button round “ Save Egg Album as Web Page” button!


8. Last Step! You will have to select were you would like to save your virtual tour; Select the same folder your created in Step 2!

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