Marketing Tips For Successful Campaigns

Do you wish your marketing campaigns were more successful? Are you looking for ways to generate more leads from your advertising? No matter what business you’re in, there are fundamental promotional techniques that can help make that marketing dollar work the best it can for you. Try these top 8 tips in your next campaign and you’ll begin to see how quick and simple generating more leads can really be.

Use Headlines

Could you imagine reading a newspaper without headlines? Every page would be a jumble of words and confusion. In web, print, and marketing materials, headlines are essential. Headlines tell people exactly what you want them to know and, most importantly, headlines tell your reader why they absolutely can’t live another day without your products or services. Pull out the most important aspects of your offering (e.g., quality, price, limited time, unique selling points) and make it big and bold with a headline!

Don't Use Jargon

You may know what a Euro-Tech QuadPacing Double Flip Flopper is, but your customer may have no clue. In all your marketing materials, your number one responsibility is to make sure your customer doesn’t have to hold a graduate degree to figure out what you’re offering. Your products and services should be explained, advertised, and promoted in simple language that makes your customer feel comfortable and confident about their knowledge, not overwhelmed. And, in the world of sales, consumer confidence leads to sales!

Be a Problem Solver

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, customers are coming to you to solve their problems. That is the very nature of supply and demand. They have a demand and you are able to offer and supply solutions. Remember: You are not selling products so much as you are meeting customer needs. Make a point to go beyond listing the facts about your products and services and be sure to explain the benefits to your customers. When a consumer feels that you are a problem solver, customer loyalty rates will go through the roof!

Cut the We's and I’s

When it comes to effective marketing, it's not all about you. You may have impressive credentials and experience, but—for a marketing campaign to be truly successful—you must demonstrate to your customer how your products and services will meet their needs. Your job is to read through all of your marketing materials and judge every sentence with "How does this benefit the customer?". If every sentence passes the Customer Benefit Test, then you’ll surely have a positive marketing experience every time.

Help Them See It Clearly and Quickly

It’s a fact of life: We live in a fast-paced world. How often do you find yourself reading every word of every sentence on every page of a promotional piece? If you’re like most people, you scan the page to get the gist of what’s being said. When you’re designing your marketing materials, be sure to keep the “scan” in mind. Highlight your most important details in places and ways your customer will always see (e.g., in headlines, with text boxes and breakout text, and through the use of bold font colors). If you design it right, they will come!

Ask for the Sale

One of the biggest marketing mistakes that novice and experts alike make is forgetting to ask for the sale. Countless dollars on marketing materials are wasted when you don’t give your potential consumer a clear and concise call to action (e.g., “Call Today,” “Visit our site,” or “For more information”). When you provide step-by-step instructions to your customer, you are taking out all the guesswork. When a customer doesn’t have to guess, you’ll win time and time again.

Make It Too Easy to Contact You

Unless you want to hide something from your potential customers, you should make sure that your contact information is readily accessible in all of your marketing collateral. That means phone numbers, e-mail addresses, fax numbers—any possible way that a customer may need to contact you—should be broadcast across your materials. For example, every page of your website could have a small contact form so the visitor can easily contact you. On print ads, the contact information should be easy to find. Believe it or not, even your contact information can be used to highlight your brand and company. For example, a catchy number that capitalizes on your company name will go a long way to generating higher returns on your marketing investment.

Give Valuable Information Away for Free

As you know, we live in the Information Age. But, what does this really mean to you and your business? In the world of Google—which spits out 5 million search results for a single keyword—a customer that can’t find what they’re looking for on your site will not hesitate clicking over to another site. Your job is to make your site “sticky,” to keep your potential customers engaged long enough to make them actual customers. How do you do this? Fill your site with tips, articles, and other helpful tools that give your clients all the information they could ever need about your products and services. When you offer information to your potential customers, they will begin to see you as a valuable resource. So, when it's time for them to make the initial contact, they will go to the source they trust—YOU!

As you can see, there are simple ways you can begin tuning up your marketing materials to make them work harder and more effectively for you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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