The Power of the Reciprocal Link

Written by Nicholas Salls of WGC Designs

Reciprocal links help to establish your site on the Internet by creating more hits and traffic for your site.

What is a reciprocal link? Let's say you have 2 sites… One is the other is if the owners of both sites decide to put each others links on their site then its called a reciprocal link.

Lets look at an example; So will have a section of their website called links and they will list sites that link to them, here is a sample of what this section would look like.

1. Hal Sheeler - Realtor New Hampshire.
2. Another - Description of this site
3. Yet Another - Description of this site

Thus when someone comes to your site looking for a website and they click the title Hal Sheeler they are sent to his site. This could also happen from Hal's site, bringing the user to the site.

Reciprocal Links are very powerful as you can read in the title, but how? These types of links create more traffic for your site because it's easier to find your website on the Internet. More importantly these links are important to search engine rankings because the more sites that link to your website the better your site will be in the rankings of each search engine (

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