Setting up Email Software

Written by Nicholas Salls of WGC Designs

To setup your Outlook Express to handle your new POP3 e-mail account, please follow the instruction below :

Click an image for a larger View.

  1. Select Tools --> Accounts... to open the Internet Accounts dialog box.

    outlook1.gif (4370 bytes)

  2. Click button Add and select Mail... to start the Internet Connection Wizard.

    outlook2.gif (3742 bytes)

  3. Enter Your Name in the display name field. This name will appear in the From field of the outgoing message. Type your name as it would you like to appear. Click Next > button.

  4. Enter your e-mail address in the E-mail address field. For example

  5. Click Next > button to fill out the Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server and Outgoing mail (SMTP) server field with your domain name. If you domain name is then fill in for both fields.

    outlook3.gif (3795 bytes)

  6. Click Next > button to enter your Internet Mail Logon information. Enter your full e-mail address in the POP account name field and enter your password in the Password field.

    outlook4.gif (4284 bytes)

  7. Click Next > button and Finish button.

  8. Double click the email account you just created.

  9. Click on the check box on the bottom on the dialog box that says "My server requires authentication". Then click OK and your done.


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